Substance Use

Dependence on drugs or alcohol is a deep-rooted problem that is challenging to solve and even more challenging to live with. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use, we can help. Our therapists are highly experienced in bringing people with substance use issues down the path to a better life.

If you or a loved one is dealing with substance use, there is hope

If you’re struggling with misuse of a substance, chances are you feel very alone. Perhaps you have been aware of your harmful relationship with a substance for years, or perhaps a friend or family member recently brought it to light. Maybe you didn’t even know you had a problem until now.

Perhaps you’re looking for hope for someone else—a friend, family member, or child in need of help—someone who barely admits the issue to themselves.

Regardless of how deep-rooted the issue, there is always hope. Our therapists are highly specialized in dealing with substance addiction, and we’ll walk you through the process of recovery.

It's time to finally take control of your life

You may feel silly, believing that of course you can take control of your misuse anytime you want to. But somehow, you don’t. Years can go by convincing yourself that you are one step away from changing your life.

If your substance use is affecting your relationships with the people around you, or your own personal health or well-being, you deserve better. You deserve a full life, and it’s time to stop pretending you don’t. Many attempted solutions for substance misuse are simply behavioral in nature. They involve taking substances away from a person, limiting them, or trying to control them. However, if your access to substances changes but your mind and body are still dependent, you will never succeed. 

Changing your relationship to substances

Changing your relationship to a substance is a multifaceted approach—addressing thoughts and behaviors, examining habits, exploring triggers, and decoding the benefits of the substance. You may say, “there are no benefits to using”.  However, if there were no benefits at all you would not choose the substance over family, health, clear thought processes, a good night’s sleep, or no hangovers.  Being curious about what you are avoiding or numbing yourself from allows change to happen from the inside out. 

Struggles with substance use can occupy so much time. The amount of time spent thinking, planning, using, and recovering allows for little else in your life. By changing your relationship to alcohol and drugs you will take back your time and use the substance if and how you want. 

Get started with therapy today

It may seem like nothing can bring you the same hit of dopamine or bring you the same satisfaction as quenching your thirst for what you crave. Other pleasures of life seem hollow, so subconsciously your mind and body isn’t even sure why they should chase anything else. This is why you can’t simply eradicate a substance dependency. You have to find a spice of life so intoxicating that it is worth the pain of changing your relationship to the substance.

Our therapists will help you find that joy and spark in life. Everyone has something that makes them come alive, and tapping into that energy can begin to trigger massive change. Take your time back today and reach out to our therapists.

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