Anxiety & Stress

Do you frequently feel anxious and stressed? Do you feel like your anxiety preoccupies your thought patterns and keeps you from living your best life? You’re not alone, and there is hope. Our therapists are here to help you overcome your anxiety and live a brand-new life!

Anxiety can preoccupy your thoughts and keep you stuck in old patterns

When you are in the middle of an anxious moment, you aren’t always aware that you are in one. Anxiety can live in a background tab in the browser of our mind, casting doubt on everything we believe in or care about.

Anxiety can be specific or general. Some people have specific phobias or anxieties about things in their life that have badly burned them—and for good reason! Individuals may also struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, which means they are anxious all the time, often for no reason. Once they fix the problem they are worrying about, their anxious mind will simply shift to a new problem. If this is you, the cycle can feel debilitating—like you do not have a sense of control.

Overcoming anxiety is not as complex as it feels

We’re here to help. We believe that you can learn to recognize and manage your anxiety and live a new life where you feel powerful, not scared. Imagine being able to take on the day with confidence and enthusiasm—that’s obtainable for you!

But the process of eliminating anxiety is more challenging than behavioral change. If all you had to do was behave differently, no one would have anxiety! Rather, anxiety is a complicated disorder that has health components, mental components, lifestyle components, and more. Our therapists will help you begin to unravel the root causes of your anxiety and make positive changes in your life. We follow our unique three step process towards change.

Our unique processes

Therapists at Elevate Psychology are here to help you follow our three-step process to healing.



Begin to recognize the dysregulation within your body. Instead of criticizing or placing expectations on yourself, instead simply observe your responses. Look at what’s really going on, activating your five senses to recognize your thought processes.



Second, make core changes that work with your body and your mind, not against them. We will help you implement goals and patterns of thinking that help you want to change the way you think, leading to changes in your life.



It may be hard to understand what living a completely different life could feel like. We’re here to help you make adjustments and integrate your new way of thinking into your life.

Work with a qualified therapist to find a new life

Imagine a life where you feel empowered. You notice your body, hear your thoughts objectively, and move towards regulation and understanding. This life is rich, free, and full. In this life you are the narrator controlling the events of the story. We believe this is possible for you—and our therapists will believe for you when you don’t.

Get in touch with us using the contact methods below. We promise you from the bottom of our heart that we will put our all into hearing you, understanding what is going on, and helping you find empowerment.

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