Regardless of what you’re dealing with, Elevate Psychology can help you regain control of your life and find your joy again. With counselors specializing in gender & sexuality, substance abuse, anxiety/stress, relationships, & depression, we will help connect you to the best suited licensed therapist that will approach the core of the issue.

Anxiety & Stress

When you are in the middle of an anxious moment, you aren’t always aware that you are in one. Anxiety can live in a background tab in the browser of our mind, casting doubt on everything we believe in or care about.

Anxiety can be specific or general. Some people have specific phobias or anxieties about things in their life that have badly burned them—and for good reason! Individuals may also struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, which means they are anxious all the time, often for no reason. Once they fix the problem they are worrying about, their anxious mind will simply shift to a new problem. If this is you, the cycle can feel debilitating—like you do not have a sense of control.


If you’re struggling with depression, you may feel that you are in a hopeless cycle. When in a depressive episode, your brain and body feel heavy. Though you know what will make you feel better, it can feel like moving mountains to make it happen. It can be hard to initiate and maintain healthy behavior when you have low motivation.

People may offer advice that seems oversimplified and impossible to achieve. In the depths of depression, you may find yourself avoiding contact with other people. Unfortunately, this only contributes to your melancholy.

How can you begin to overcome your depression? Fortunately, there is hope. Here are the key steps we’ll help you take.

Sex Therapy

Sexuality is meant to be beautiful, joyful, and free. A certified sex therapist can help you resolve sexual challenges and find wholeness.

Throughout history, many cultures and organizations have tried to promote a “one-size-fits-all” approach to sex, or prescribe how sex “should be done”—but this doesn’t work. Human sexuality is diverse, fluid, and complex. Elevate Psychology celebrates a multifaceted approach to human sexuality, including orientation and lifestyle.

Substance Abuse

If you’re struggling with misuse of a substance, chances are you feel very alone. Perhaps you have been aware of your harmful relationship with a substance for years, or perhaps a friend or family member recently brought it to light. Maybe you didn’t even know you had a problem until now.

Perhaps you’re looking for hope for someone else—a friend, family member, or child in need of help—someone who barely admits the issue to themselves.

Regardless of how deep-rooted the issue, there is always hope. Our therapists are highly specialized in dealing with substance addiction, and we’ll walk you through the process of recovery.

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